Mental Arithmetic

Mental Arithmetic

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If you are a fan of science, then this prize will fascinate you. Quiz Factor is giving away £200 to spend at Curious Minds.
You can buy all sorts of wonderful, ingenious, science related toys and kits suitable for adults and children alike. Curious Minds is an online science shop featuring a wide range of Science, Nature, Space, & Technology products, toys, kits and gifts which are all vetted for scientific integrity by ex-NASA/HST staff.

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Products available

  • Biology kits
  • Chemistry sets
  • Electronics kits
  • Engines
  • Gyroscopes
  • Newton’s cradles
  • Orreries
  • Planetariums
  • Prisms
  • Solar radiometers
  • Solar system models
  • Triops
  • Weather kits

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