Online Quizzes for Digital Marketing Training

It’s no secret that taking quizzes are fun. But did you know that it’s actually one of the best ways to generating leads in digital marketing? Sites from dating apps like fuckbook app to mortgage  or payday lenders like lendup use quizzes to engage their web traffic and convert them into leads, here’s how.

Why quizzes work

To start with, quizzes actually help you get to know your users better. Knowing what they like to read, which pages they visit and even what they like to say will help you tailor your content and email messages to their particular needs. Furthermore, quizzes give your marketing team insights into how people consume content. For example, if you use quizzes to gauge the effectiveness of your blog posts, you’ll be able to target them in the right way. In turn, this will help improve the conversion rates. Quizzes can also provide insights into who your visitors are, how long they spend on your site and where they go after the purchase. As a result, you’ll be able to craft more personalized marketing campaigns.

How to make them relevant to your audience

So you’ve got some highly engaged website visitors. But how do you turn them into leads, or convert them into sales? Start with a quiz that directly relates to the issue you’re solving for them. But if the problem you’re solving doesn’t even touch on the type of software they use, you’ll want to take a quiz specifically about that. Quizzes that get users to make a decision to take action also work well. For instance, the “The Top-5 New iPhone Apps You Should Be Using Right Now” quiz asks participants to vote on the app of their choice. You can even pull a full audience survey from top of mind questions such as “what made you choose to subscribe to this newsletter” and “What would you change about this newsletter?,” so it’s clear to your clients what they want to learn.

How to measure their effectiveness

The best way to learn how to optimize your quiz design for optimal lead generation is to measure its effectiveness. To do this, you’ll need to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and, ultimately, determine how your leads convert into clients. Here are some strategies for measuring your quiz’s effectiveness: • Using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in Google Analytics will help you measure the average amount of traffic a quiz receives each day, week, or month. • Removing questions that don’t convert will help determine which questions work. • The most effective questions have a positive answer or a simple yes/no answer. For example, if your question begins with “Is that a pet?” or “What are chocolate biscuits?


These are the 6 online quizzes you should know about. Spend your time wisely in the near future. You’re already the best online marketing instructor in the world, it’s time to prove it.