Frequently Asked Questions


What is Quiz Factor?
Quiz Factor is a website offering a selection of free, entertaining quizzes on a wide variety of subjects. To keep you entertained we intend to continually add new style quizzes to the website, some of which may require a small subscription.
Is Quiz Factor free?

Yes it is free although in future we may add new quizzes that require a small subscription.

Playing Quizzes

How long do I get to answer a question?
The amount of time to answer a question varies from quiz to quiz. Dependent on the quiz you are playing, the time currently ranges from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.
Can I pause the timer?
No, definitely not. The clock is designed to continually run to create an element of tension in our quizzes.
I answered a question correctly, but it’s shown as incorrect, why?
Whilst we spend an incredible amount of time verifying our quiz questions and answers unfortunately a rogue answer can occasionally slip through.

You can help us by telling us on our Contact Us page the name of the quiz, what the question was, what you believe to be the correct answer. We will do our best to hunt it down and correct it.

Leaderboard Scoring

How does my score get on the leaderboard?
All scores achieved by registered users who are logged in are posted to the leaderboard.

At the end of a quiz, if you are not already logged in, either login or join Quiz Factor and then all the quiz scores achieved during your session of use will be automatically posted to the relevant leaderboards.

How can I get higher up the leaderboard?
With Ladder quizzes, by correctly completing the various levels, your Leaderboard score should automatically improve as you progress.

The Time Trial quizzes are designed for a one-time play so your first score will remain your only (and best) score.


I would like to send you my own quiz or quiz questions

You will be able to submit your own quizzes and questions for publication in the near future.

My Details

What do you do with my details?
You can view Quiz Factor’s privacy policy here.
How do I remove my details from the site?
You can de-register from Quiz Factor by visiting your My Quiz Factor page.
I need to edit my details, how do I do that?

You can edit your details by visiting your My Quiz Factor page here.