Spot the Music Group Quiz

Can you name the 37 music groups featured in this picture?

Quiz Details

This game is brought to you by the UK's number one competition, prize & free stuff site. They asked their designer to create a montage of music groups using pictures as clues. Some of the groups have been around for years whilst some have had shorter periods of success. There are 37 groups in total from the Sixties through to the present day. They didn’t want to make life too easy so some of the picture clues are a bit on the cryptic side, there may be a groan or two when you get the answers. Simply type the name of a group in the text box; if it’s correct it will be highlighted on the picture. MyOffers has a vast array of prizes that you can enter for free, everything from cars, holidays, electrical goods, money and a whole lot more.

Cryptic Rules

You have a set time to answer each Cryptic Quiz which is shown at the start of the quiz.

If you do not enter all of the answers in the allocated time the quiz will time out and whatever score you have achieved thus far will be your final score. Use of the back button is prohibited.

Leaderboard positions are decided by the number of correct answers achieved in the amount of time it has taken to do this e.g. the person with the highest score achieved in the shortest time will top the Leaderboard.

You must be a member of Quiz Factor and logged-in to be able to post scores to Cryptic Quiz Leaderboards.

You must be a member of Quiz Factor and logged-in to be able to view Cryptic Quiz answers.

Any unauthorised or illegal activity may lead to your account being suspended or cancelled

Cryptic Quiz Scoring System

To make it interesting Quiz Factor combines the scores from both the hard and easy versions of a Cryptic Quiz in one Leaderboard.

To ensure that those players who complete the hard version of a quiz are not penalised we weight the scoring to compensate. This is how it works: A player gets one point for each correct answer which is multiplied by a base score of 100 (for easy) or 120 (for hard). One point for each remaining second is added to this total.

E.g. 18 (correct questions) X 100 (easy base score) = 1,800 + 37 (seconds left) = 1,837 (Total points) 18 (correct questions) X 120 (hard base score) = 2,160 + 37 (seconds left) = 2,197 (Total points)

The number of total points determines your position in the Leaderboard.

If a hard version of a quiz is a lot more difficult that the easy version e.g. difficult spellings, then we may increase the hard base score to 130 or 140 to compensate.


Top Positions

PositionUser NameScoreTime
1Cathygo...Cathygow503112m 00s
2mattnea...mattneave13012m 00s
3eddiea1eddiea12912m 00s
4jondavi...jondavidson62412m 00s
5IbstockIbstock2412m 00s

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