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Winner Prize won by Jim Fantastic.....just enjoyed doing the quizzes.....prize is a very welcome bonus especially at this time of the year! View Prize
Winner Prize won by Annette Oh Quiz Factor, thank you so much. Nothing could be better for me than garden vouchers, I grow all my own vegetables, and spend a lot of money each year on seeds, compost etc, so this is truly fantastic. I am saving for a polytunnel so that I can so and grow earlier and later in the season, so now all money put aside for seeds etc can go toward my tunnel. Thank you, thank you, thank you! View Prize
Winner Prize won by Joe This prize money will help me so much. Myself and my girlfriend are going to Thailand for Christmas so this money will go a long way. View Prize
Winner Prize won by louise My son loves gardening so I am very pleased. View Prize
Winner Prize won by Stephen Never thought I'd win anything. Just in time for the winter overhaul of the instruments. View Prize
Winner Prize won by Jonathan A real surprise. Expected to be reading a boring email and am very pleased to be receiving the sports prize. What a good day! View Prize
Winner Prize won by Sally Wow - I've won a prize, I haven't won anything since I was a kid! I've been losing my marbles recently, forgetting people's names and mislaying things so I started to use Quiz Factor to improve my memory but have now understandably become addicted! Winning a prize is a very unexpected but very WELCOME surprise! Thank you Quiz Factor! View Prize
Winner Prize won by Chris Absolutely thrilled to have won. View Prize
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